About the Inspection Council

The Inspection Council of the Netherlands is the association of government inspectorates in which the inspector generals play a significant role. The participating organisations jointly provide a solid foundation for mutual collaboration: working together for effective supervision. The Inspection Council supports government inspectorates in realising their supervisory tasks in accordance with the principles of good supervision. These principles include independence, transparency, selectiveness, decisiveness and cooperation. A structural task. The Inspection Council was established in 2007. 

Members and associate members

The members of the Inspection Council are the government inspectorates. All these government organisations have supervision as a core task, are part of a government ministry and are independent. 

Besides these government organisations, other organisations participate in the Council as associate members. That allows government organisations working in the field of supervision and seeking a long-term relationship with the Inspection Council to fully participate in the Council even if they are not a government inspectorate and do not entirely satisfy the membership criteria. They participate in the various programmes and projects, the Academy for Supervision, workgroups, meetings and events, such as the Supervision Festival, and in doing so, also benefit from the outcomes.

Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure
Inspectorate for Taxes, Benefits and Customs 
Health and Youth Care Inspectorate
Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate
Inspectorate of Education 
Information and Heritage Inspectorate
Netherlands Labour Authority
Defence Safety Inspectorate
Inspectorate of Justice and Security
Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
Dutch State Supervision of Mines

Associate members
Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection
Defence Inspectorate
Dutch Emissions Authority

The Office of the Inspection Council

On behalf of the Inspection Council, the Office of the Inspection Council fulfils the role of director, catalyst, monitor, information broker, connector and contractor. 
Mission: The Office of the Inspection Council provides input for and connects the activities of the Inspection Council and the organisations that work together within the Council. By doing this, it contributes to good supervision.